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Join the Krusader Family

We are always on the lookout for men and women to represent KRUSADERS. Join the fastest growing fitness clothing brand in the world, all while gaining followers and engagement through their social media. We are more than a team, we are a family.  Every krusader is hand picked & every krusader is highly rewarded. We are the #1 Fitness brand in Los Angeles, CA.


@Krusadersfitness @Krusaderswomen


If you want to join our elite team of 10,000 + Athletes worldwide, please direct message one our Krusaders accounts listed above. 


We donate percentage of profits to @soidogfoundation - Rescuing and caring for homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of asia since 2003. Join our fight against #dogmeattrade ( End animal cruelty)




  • Krusaders will receive free merchandise
  • Personalized Discount code/URL 
  • Commission- For each item purchased with athlete's personalized discount/URL code, $8 dollars will be given through PayPal or Zelle - (Lifetime)
  • Krusaders will gain followers and engagement through their social media
  • Receive 25% off entire order
  • Receive free supplements from participating supplement brands**while supplies last**
  • Krusaders are given the opportunity to become a model for our brand if choosen
  • Will be granted their own personalized discount code for their followers
  • Will be featured on our Instagram(s)-  @krusaders.Army @krusadersfitness @krusaderswomen 
  • Gain early access to new products
  • A chance to represent us at Fit Expos and events
  • Have the chance to win one of our generous giveaways 
  • Krusaders receive our custom meal plan
  • Krusaders receive our custom workout program
  • Must have Krusader Athlete in your profile with our website link as well | or your personalized URL | 
  • Must tag us in your fitness journey photos
  • Required to use the hashtag #krusaders & #krusadersfitness in every post
  • Required to follow fellow krusaders
  • Required to engage with fellow krusaders ( Like, follow, and comment)
  • Must follow all four Instagram accounts @Krusadersfitness @Krusaderswomen @Krusaders.Army
  • Must engage (like and comment) frequently on all Krusader Instagram accounts
  • Must passionately promote us
  • Once a Krusader, always a Krusader


  • Dedication to fitness and health
  • Being an everyday athlete
  • Having a positive mindset- personal goals
  • Committed to personal goals and achieving them


  • Most fitness clothing brands give their athletes a name, but we give ours a title
  • Gain the satisfaction of knowing what its like to be apart of a real team
  • Our family of Krusaders represent us to the fullest
  • Gain a massive amount of followers and engagement will increase drastically 
  • commission through Zelle or PayPal (Lifetime)


We have teamed up with the following supplement brands-